7 Words To Help Gain Your Next Objective

hello balloonThe next time you talk to someone on the phone, or meet them in person, do you have a desired outcome for the call or meeting that is very clear?  A clear, thought out, intention is more likely to produce clear results.  If it is vague, unclear, uncertain, not to the point, there is a tendency to produce the results you do not want to happen.

These seven words will assist you on all aspects of your career.  “What’s my desired outcome for this meeting?”  The same goes for phone calls.

You need to keep this in mind before talking with anyone.  Having a well thought out plan beforehand will not only ensure you maintain control of the interaction, but you will be certain that you are not wasting the time of the other person during the interaction.

A few things you should do before any conversation.

  1. Review company website and or Linkedin company page.
  2. Check Linkedin profile of person you will be talking with.
  3. Google the name of company and person.
  4. Develop list of questions—both to assist you learn more about this contact, and getting this person to think in ways you desire.
  5. Have file handy of all information you gathered so you do not have to fumble around for materials later.

There will be times when someone will ask to either meet you, or talk right then and there.  Avoid this. You do not want to be thrown off-balance and not be ready for the conversation.  You will not have done your research or created your plan to assist you in gaining your desired outcome.  When you arrange to meet or call at a different time then the immediate you will be able to give the other person your full attention.  You will not be trying to think of things on the fly.  You will not miss bringing up important points, or asking effective value oriented questions.  Plan to succeed.  Succeed with planning.

Seven words that create a means to assist you in accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.  Seven words that will assist you and those you interact with have a more productive dialogue.

By David McDermit @dmcder

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