What makes you different?

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I know when searching for work people struggle with how to stand out from the pack.  Typically this comes from the question: “What makes me different?”

A better question that you should be asking is: “What makes me relevant?”

To be able to answer this statement there is something else you need to ask yourself.  Do you have a succinct, confident, and clear way to express this?

If you are looking for work being able to present yourself as relevant can be that one thing that puts you over the top of other job searchers.  To do this you will need to set aside some time to answer these questions:

  1. Why you?
  2. Why now?
  3. What makes you relevant?

If you expect hiring managers to even consider you, especially in today’s market, then you have to answer these questions.

When you talk to anyone about your job search make sure you insert the answers to these questions in your conversations.  And, most importantly they need to be inserted during the interview process.  I would even be helpful to have a handout showing how you are relevant to job description they put out.  Use a table format of their key needs and how you fulfill those needs.

I know answering the above three questions is not an easy task.  I do have another post that can actually help.  It is my post—The Perfect Job  In this post is a worksheet and instructions (actual worksheet and instructions are in the Box.net app on the right side of this page) on how to find the perfect job.  It is a great keyword development tool, and should help in answering the relevancy questions above.

Another good item to help you with this is the book “What color is my parachute” by Richard Bolles.

Remember, how you talk about the work you do (related to relevance) will help others assist you in your job search, and help you get that job offer sooner.

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