Want to reach your goals? Idea’s from the book Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer

I have found that having a varied reading habit has helped me with many different aspects of my life.  Presently, I am working again.  The job is in sales, and to help in this job I decided to read the above mentioned Jeffrey Gitomer book.  He presents a great deal of useful information for  someone in, or thinking of getting into sales.  However, the information he presents can be used for other uses.  This includes those looking for work.  The following is taken shamelessly, and with a little paraphrasing (and, I did get permission) from the book.

Do you want to find a better job?  Are you unemployed and looking for that “perfect” job?  These are goals you can reach, and the following tools can help you reach them.

To get started you will need these items:

A Post-it note is a piece of stationery with a...

Post-It Notes
Bedroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirror


  1. Write down big ones…On a 3×3 yellow Post-it Notes, write down your prime goals in short words (write WOW statement; Hired on; Make 3 new contacts)
  2. Write down small ones…Use three more notes and write down your secondary goals in short words (read about attitude 15 minutes a day; read book – Dale Carnegie; organize work space)
  3. Put them in front of your face…Post them on your bathroom mirror, where you are forced to look at them – and yourself – every morning and evening.
  4. Say them aloud each time you look at them…Look AND say doubles the affirmation.
  5. Keep looking and talking until you act…You will look at them until you are sick of looking at them and will begin to take action – achievement action – and accomplish them.
  6. Seeing the note there every day makes you think about acting on it every day.  Once you start acting, the note triggers a “What do I have to do today to keep the achievement on target?” The note forces you to act.  To achieve your goal.

By posting the goal in the bathroom, you are consciously reminded of your goals at least two times a day.  From there your subconscious gets into the act, gnawing away at your soul until you are driven to take positive action.  Achievement actions.

Oh, he does like to have a .5 for his points.  And number 6.5 is:

6.5    REVISIT YOUR SUCCESS EVERY DAY…Here comes the best part – after your goal is achieved, take the Post-It Note off the bathroom mirror and triumphantly post it on your bedroom mirror.  Now every day when you check out “how you look for the day,” you also get to see your success.

As I mentioned, this is a great technique for those who are working or looking for work.  Putting goals in writing is a great way to ensure you will work at them.  It is easy to say you will do something, but by having the Post-It note right there in front of your face you will find it hard to forget or put it off.

I do want to put a little more to steps 1 & 2.  If you set your “big” goal to high you can be setting yourself up for failure.  Do not put something like, “Be hired in 3 weeks.”  Granted it might be possible, but in today’s environment is it likely.  Now if you said “3 months” that would not be a bad “big” goal.  And, if you are going to put a hire date as a big goal use an exact date.  It is an actual reachable goal instead of the open 3 month period.

On the other hand, the “small” goals are great moral busters.  You can easily reach those goals, and being able to see attained goals helps you in reaching the bigger ones.

Start using this Achievement program.  After a while come back and let me know how it worked out for you.

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