The Perfect Job

When I was in the Lisle Job Club the person running it, Joy MaGuire-Dooley, presented a unique formula for determining the type of job you would consider “perfect”.  This formula not only helped you work out the type of job you want to be in, but it also gave you all those action words you can use for all your other job hunting needs.

Overall, you need to look at every job, volunteer and paid, that you ever held.  Yes, every job.  That includes the chores you did as a kid, that first paid job (newspaper delivery, baby-sitting, cutting lawns), and whatever you did that you feel helped develop the working philosophy you have today.

Now you create a Pro/Con list.  (See the included Perfect Job form and instructions)

Now you have a list.  Take your time and look through the list.  What do you see in common?  Are there a number of phrases or a word that keeps popping up?  Is there a pattern to the jobs you picked over the years?  Does it show that you want to be around people, or work on your own?  What pattern do you see?

Another useful part of this list is the “action words” you just created.  These terms, phrases and keywords will help in creating your resume, cover letter and handbill.  They will also be useful when designing a business card and that WOW statement.  (For those who do not know what your WOW statement is:  This is your way to distinguish yourself from all those others looking for the same position as you are, and to help others recall you.)  Put this and the other tools I have presented in your arsenal of job hunting tools of the trade.

I mentioned Joy Maguire-Dooley in the introduction.  She included this “Perfect Job” in the book A Taste for Work. She co-authored the book with Teri Clancy and Sally Morrison.  You noticed I did include a link to Amazon where they are selling the book.  The three recommendations do give the book 5 stars, and from my experience working with Joy and Sally I am not surprised.

This post and material created with permission from Joy Maguire-Dooley.


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