The Handbill: Suggestion on how to create.

The Handbill

Recently, I was in a group discussion that rolled around to the topic of handbills.  The main question was what should be included in the handbill.

For me, this is my marketing tool to not only give people an idea of what field, job titles, desired contacts and companies I am looking for, but a means to be memorable.  This marketing/pr tool is used in some networking meetings, and even to those that are employed that have used a handbill themselves.

When in meetings with other job seekers the handbill is used to first present yourself and secondly as a reminder once the meeting is over.  The handbill gives a focus, to others, on ways that they might be able to assist you.  If they are able to see what positions you are interested in, the titles of those you are looking to contact, and at least the companies of interest then they have a starting point on how to help you.  This is the main focus of a handbill.  It is a tool to assist you in looking for your next career.  It is not a tool to get you a job interview like a resume.  It is your networking tool to assist you in finding the contacts you need in your job search.

I have already listed some items that should be in your handbill.  If that was it then it would be rather incomplete.  Let us start with contact information.  You need your name and how to contact you.  This, plus what I have already mentioned, is the base of your handbill.  Anything else that you add is up to you and how you want to promote yourself.

Other items that can be included are: Past work experience, computer skills, accomplishments (i.e. Six Sigma, certifications, Awards), blog, twitter, head shot, and anything else you feel would help others find those connections/job leads you are hunting for.

The design is entirely up to you.  However, think of the key items that those you are networking with need most to be able to assist you in your job search.  I recommend something like this:

Contact information (name, phone/cell, email)

Your desired position title(s)

Your desired contact titles

Target companies (need around 5-10 names at least)

WOW factor (For those who do not know what you’re a WOW factor/statement is:  This is your way to distinguish yourself from all those others looking for the same position as you are, and to help others recall you.)

The rest of the handbill past this point is those additional items you want to include.

As I mentioned, the way you design your handbill is up to you.  Put the information you want in any order you feel best.  You can put in any flourish you desire.  And it is not necessary to use just plain white paper.  I have seen people use colored paper, and that does help it stand out.  Just remember the handbill is your tool that allows others to help you find your next career and that should be where your design starts from.

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