I have been asked why create another site concerning unemployment and job hunting. There are a number of sites already out there. These sites tell/sell how to write cover letters, resumes and the like. They talk about how to use Linkedin, Indeed.com and the like. All of these sites can be useful. However, what I have not really found out there is a site from the prospect of the person going through a job search.
In my job hunt I have come across programs and other useful bits of information. Some of this information I came across doing my own research, but there were times that I was just in the right time and place. That is the impetus for this site—Information sharing.
There is information that I will come across that I will put here, and if there is any programs, books or any other items you find others could use let me know.
This site is currently in flux. The format/design and such will change as it is determined from your comments and information that comes my way. This is not a site where I tell you what’s what, but a community. What I found on a job hunt is that it cannot be done alone and that there are a lot of people out there ready and willing to help

If you find anything that others might find useful, or just want to send me a comment head on over to my contact page.